2012 NFP Mini Contest

The Whole Story

by Goodness Reigns

This birth control commercial gives the details about what the product does. ALL the details. Produced by Christina Dirkes.

A Conversation with NFP Pioneers

by Goodness Reigns

Two teen-aged girls learn three simple reasons for natural family planning from their neighbors, who just happen to be pioneers in the modern NFP movement. Produced by Beth Dunn.


by Goodness Reigns

Often proponents of Natural Family Planning get caught up defending its comparative effectiveness to contraceptives. This is like comparing a rotary phone and iPhone solely on their ability to make a call. There's so much more NFP has to...

Courageous For NFP – One Man’s Witness Against Condoms

by Goodness Reigns

"Do you sell condoms?" This video depicts one man's witness to Natural Family Planning in the marketplace. Created by Mike Connolly

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One comment on “2012 NFP Mini Contest

  1. Dear Mrs. Kippley,I am honored that you have comnmeted at my site.I have referred to three of your (and your husband’s) books for many years. We have used Natural Family Planning (as learned from your NFP book) since our wedding in 1991. I have given away many, many of your NFP manuals to engaged couples.I have successfully used breastfeeding as Natural Child Spacing. My cycles returned as follows after the births of my four living children: 14 1/2 months, 15 1/2 months, 24 months!! past 25 months!!!I just had a miscarriage three weeks ago, and I have appreciated the information in your NFP book. While reading it during the miscarriage, I was reminded about baptizing our unborn baby. Thank you!I do agree with the point in the article because after 17 1/2 years of NFP, I have come to recognize that it can be used with a contraceptive mentality. I believe Ecological Breastfeeding is exactly how God wanted us to space babies. (I have mentioned it several times on my site.)THANKS again for commenting on my site.I greatly appreciate your work.

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