Clean Water For God’s Thirsty Children

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Video Description:

Describes Water With Blessings an organization that provides filters to Water Women in locations without clean, potable water. Features the stateside volunteers whose work of mercy helps make this possible.

Contest: 2016 Share the Story Contest
Created By: Patrick Delahanty
Location: Louisville, KY, USA
Louisville, KY
Filmmaker Age:
Experience Level:
Video Length:

Filmmaker Bio:

Rev. Patrick Delahanty is a retired priest of the Archdiocese of Louisville. During is 47 years of service he has been a pastor, the director of Migration and Refugee Services for Catholic Charities of Louisville, and the executive director of the Catholic Conference of Kentucky. For more than 40 years he has worked in media as a still photographer and sometimes producer. He was chair of the board of a now defunct religious media company named Ikonographics. His photos have appeared in various national publications, local newspapers and in the book Words to Love by…Mother Teresa published by Ave Maria Press. In addition, he chairs the Kentucky Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty and continues to advocate its abolition in Kentucky and the United States. He has produced 75+ videos of interviews with murder victim family members, family members of the condemned and other Kentuckians for the Coalition.

Filmmaking Advice:

I video much more of a conversation than I need and listen to them over and over and the themes unfold in ways that allow me to tell the story. Also stay alert because suddenly something will happen that makes a real difference in the outcome. Got the camera on in time, for example, to catch a phone conversation of someone calling to volunteer. That became the closing scene.

The producer, director, writer, videographer and editor is Rev. Patrick Delahanty. There was no other crew.

The cast included those interviewed: Lee Cybulski, Joanne Cybulski (not speaking but appearing next to her husband), Mary Ann Diersing, Theresa Hansbrough, Shawn Huffman, Sr. Larraine Lauter OSU, Barbara Oestritter, Sharon Oster, Vickie J. Wilson and Mariam Zajia

20 comments on “Clean Water For God’s Thirsty Children

  1. Sister Martina Rockers on said:

    Water With Blessings has certainly come to Pope Francis’ plea to help those in need of the basic necessity of life.

  2. Pat & Russell Meredith on said:

    This is a great organization, your donation makes it possible to help more of God’s thirsty children around the world. Just $60.00 sponsorship helps equip and empower a Water Women. I am a member of a non profit women’s organization and we are very happy to help Water With Blessing. I have also made many water filter socks and will keep this going for a long time Sister Larraine is a beautiful person.

  3. Colette Fahrner on said:

    Excellent! Inspirational and helpful!!

  4. Colette Fahrner on said:

    Excellent! Inspirational and helpful!

  5. Sr. Patty Clune on said:

    The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet are delighted to work in partnership with Water With Blessings. All Peoples have a right to clean water and Water With Blessings is working, one mother at a time, to make clean water become a reality! This video beautifully portrays the good that is being done across the world! We are proud to be doing our small part in Uganda!

  6. Brenda Gonzales, SCN on said:

    Thanks for the opportunity to collaborate with you in this lifesaving mission!

  7. Linda McCauley on said:

    This is a GREAT Foundation and they really need all the help they can get, they are very passionate about their work, please help get the word out about this amazing group;

  8. It is great to see recognition of Water with blessing and to see a picture of a formew co-worker who now spends her hours volunteering…way to go team.

  9. Carol Stojanik on said:

    I heard about this group through a FB friend. In March I started a Crocheting Group at WellMed Senior Center to help people over 60 learn to crochet. Crocheting the Water Filters is an easy project for beginning crocheters. We started in June crocheting the filters & this Friday I will be mailing filters. With this mailing we have sent 100 filters. This project helps us feel their is a reason God has not taken us to Him.

  10. Rosemary Smith on said:

    Great video!!! I knew most of the people in it, too. Hope it helps bring lots of money and volunteers to WWB.

  11. Anonymous on said:

    I don’t see where vote.

  12. Thank you for taking the time to compose a film showing us the hard work these wonderful people put in their mission. Hope this film wins!

  13. Mary Meyers on said:

    Partnership in Mission is a proud partner of Water With Blessings. For four years we have been bringing this beautiful ministry to Bolivia and the Philippines. Community is a very important aspect of this ministry, here and in the receiving community. It is our community and theirs that are providing clean water to God’s thirsty children. I think this video highlights community.

  14. Jim McConnell on said:

    WWB has trained over 20,000 water women in 32 countries. That means tens of thousands of people are now receiving clean water in their homes every day, with no electricity, chemicals or replacement cartridges needed. This program can and does work anywhere in the world.

  15. Dolores Delahanty on said:

    So timely especially because of The Pope’s recent call for action.

  16. Virginia and Jerry Morgan on said:

    It is amazing that such a simple, yet fundamental, ingredient as CLEAN WATER can save so many lives. Thank you, Water With Blessings, for awakening us to this need, and inspiring so many to want to help!

  17. J.V.Chudzik on said:

    I think Water with Blessings needs better marketing, and this is one way to do that. Unfortunately I was not able to push the volume high enough to hear the dialogue well..
    Good luck, and prayers at World Youth Day..

  18. Sr Pat Murphy CSJ on said:

    You’ve done a great job on this video … showing a GREAT JOB of bringing clean water to I’ve already forgotten how many thousands of families! Allowing so many volunteers to help out is an amazing feat of coordination, also. Way to go!

  19. Melissa Mershon on said:

    Supplies Over Seas is proud to partner with this fabulous organization. They are doing amazing work. Please give them your support.

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