2012 NFP Mini Contest

NFP News Now

by Goodness Reigns

This news broadcast uses current news stories and research to tell of the dangers and impact of artificial birth control on people and the environment, and ends with highlights of the benefits of using Natural Family Planning.

The “Right Choice” Commercial

by Goodness Reigns

What is the right choice? Watch and see! Produced by Diana Lourdes Eroza Osorio and Santa Rita y Nstra. SeƱora de Guadalupe

NFP Flash Mob

by Goodness Reigns

What better way to celebrate NFP than a spontaneous song and dance in the park? Produced by Mary Ashley Burton.

Creighton Model- A Natural System to Promote Health and Life

by Goodness Reigns

This video shows a couple's experience using the Creighton Model FertilityCare System to avoid pregnancy. Produced by Joseph Stanford.

Natural Family Planning Explained

by Goodness Reigns

Living in "the real world" as a faithful Catholic usually brings on a torrent of opposition. How would you respond to someone if they professed absolute trust in contraceptives? What would you say about Natural Family Planning and its...

Plan Da Fam

by Goodness Reigns

Rap video explaining why NFP is the way to go! Produced by Brett Davisson.

A Prayer to Desire Natural Family Planning

by Goodness Reigns

This video is a prayer to the Holy Spirit for married couples to trust God through the wisdom and truths of the Church, and to avoid the many dangers to the body and relationships when using artificial contraception. Produced...

A Fresh(man) Take on Natural Family Planning

by Goodness Reigns

This video is a playful take on Natural Family Planning from soon-to-be college freshmen, focusing on the importance of families and an openness to life. Produced by Julianna Hofmann and Joseph Bermingham.

True Love and NFP

by Goodness Reigns

This video was made for people who have never heard of NFP, who have heard about it but have reservations against trying it, or who are already familiar with the technicalities of NFP but not necessarily understanding the influence...

Taking the Power Back

by Goodness Reigns

A young couple describes the success they've had using NFP during their 12-year marriage and offer compelling arguments for the benefits of NFP. They also discuss how practicing NFP can empower couples to take the power of fertility back...

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One comment on “2012 NFP Mini Contest

  1. Dear Mrs. Kippley,I am honored that you have comnmeted at my site.I have referred to three of your (and your husband’s) books for many years. We have used Natural Family Planning (as learned from your NFP book) since our wedding in 1991. I have given away many, many of your NFP manuals to engaged couples.I have successfully used breastfeeding as Natural Child Spacing. My cycles returned as follows after the births of my four living children: 14 1/2 months, 15 1/2 months, 24 months!! past 25 months!!!I just had a miscarriage three weeks ago, and I have appreciated the information in your NFP book. While reading it during the miscarriage, I was reminded about baptizing our unborn baby. Thank you!I do agree with the point in the article because after 17 1/2 years of NFP, I have come to recognize that it can be used with a contraceptive mentality. I believe Ecological Breastfeeding is exactly how God wanted us to space babies. (I have mentioned it several times on my site.)THANKS again for commenting on my site.I greatly appreciate your work.

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