True Love and NFP

Video Description:

This video was made for people who have never heard of NFP, who have heard about it but have reservations against trying it, or who are already familiar with the technicalities of NFP but not necessarily understanding the influence of the method on marriages. The introduction asks individuals to describe their desires for love and marriage, and the body of the video asks couples who use NFP to describe how it has affected their own relationships.

Contest: The 2012 Goodness Reigns Mini Contest – Natural Family Planning
Created By: Seth Kiser
Location: Mauldin, South Carolina, USA
Producer Bio:
I am an engineering student at Clemson University. I have a big Catholic family and have recently developed an interest in photography and film. I worked on this project with Theresa Krupka, who is studying Business at the University of South Carolina. The entire process of brainstorming, researching, meeting new people, interviewing, and editing has really been an amazing journey. We have learned so much and we hope that other people can enjoy and learn from this video.
Individual Interviewees:
Ahmad Dbouk
Deborah Powell
Tamara Younkins

NFP Couples:
Katie and Anthony DiCarlo
Tamara and Keith Kiser
Susan and Thomas Leong

Music Credit:
Sonata 331 by Mozart
Played by John Parker Wilmeth

Filming, Editing, and Producing:
Seth Kiser
Theresa Krupka

5 comments on “True Love and NFP

  1. This video really gave a well-rounded picture of love! The filming was also attention-capturing and engaging. Good job!!

  2. This video really touched my heart.

  3. Seth Kiser on said:

    Thanks! we appreciate your comments!

  4. Suellen Pometto on said:

    Good job of touching on many of the reasons for using NFP, especially the powerful reasons of communication, benefits to the marriage relationship, respect of persons and not using each other as objects.

  5. Goodness Reigns on said:

    Thanks for this video, Seth and Theresa. Your in-depth interviews and editing have produced a well-rounded picture of the dynamics and impact of NFP on marriages. Terrific job!

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