Goodness Reigns Sponsorship Opportunities

Pay For One Trip or a Contest Category

Each WYD Package includes an all-expense paid WYD Trip with JMJ Youth =  $3,800

2016 “Share the Story” Contest—Winner Categories

Sponsor’s name/logo will appear on materials/subsequent videos produced in conjunction with corresponding winning entries. It will also be included among main sponsors at Goodness Reigns events during World Youth Day, at youth/ministry conferences, at the Goodness Reigns Film Festival and on the Goodness Reigns website.

People’s Choice Award                                                                               Sponsorship Cost: $1,000 on up

Top Music Video Award                                                                           Sponsorship Cost: $1,000 on up

Works of Mercy Film Award (Also called the Good Samaritan in Media Award)      Sponsorship Cost: $1,000 on up
This category recognizes a film depicting present-day works of mercy. The organization spotlighted in the film receives a $500 donation; the winning filmmaker receives $1,000.

(PENDING) Saint John Paul II Filmmaker Award                    Sponsorship Cost: $2,000 or $3,800 (for trip)
Recognizes technical excellence in Catholic Media; invite winner to present his/her video at the WYD Film Festival 

 WYD Trips for Top Filmmakers                                                           Sponsorship Cost: $4,000 on up
Send one or more ontest winners to World Youth Day for $4,000 per person. Travel arranged through  JMJ Youth.

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Film Festival–Sponsor                                                                                Sponsorship Cost: $30,000 (base price)
Name to appear on any marketing materials/videos/DVDs, banner and website created in conjunction with the event.

*Approximate cost for the 2011 Film Fest was $12,000 + travel expenses for additional film festival presenters.  Goodness Reigns was not charged for the use of the facility/tech crew in Madrid. Organizers for WYD 2013 will cover basic costs for facility and technical staffing.


Goodness Reigns Website/Blog Sponsor                                            Sponsorship Cost: $3,000 per year (multiple)
Name or logo to appear on website’s home page.

GR Online Film School Youtube Channel                                            Cost per Instructional Film: $1,000      

Exclusive Film Contest Sponsorship                                                     Sponsorship Cost: $25,000 per contest cycle*

Contributing Contest Sponsor                                                                    Sponsorship  Cost: $1,000  on up per  Contest cycle

Name to appear on the GR Youtube Channel and GR website’s home page. (*WYD contest cycle runs from Fall 2012-Dec. 2013)


GR Mini Contest                                                                                                    Sponsorship Cost: $10,000
Name or logo to appear on the Goodness Reigns website and any marketing associated with the Mini Contest, which includes all press releases.

Please contact Suzanne Haugh, executive director, at (502) 468-4688 or email her at for further information.

You may also send tax-deductible gifts to Goodness Reigns to help to keep our ministry running!