Mercy Forward

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Video Description:

Mercy Forward is a story about the awesome power of Christ’s mercy when it is manifest through His children. In this film, we watch as one unusual act of mercy sparks a domino effect causing even more merciful acts to follow until it comes full circle in a surprising way. Mercy Forward gives a final call to action by telling the audience to: “Pass it on.”

Contest: 2016 Share the Story Contest
Created By: Mark-Anthony  Jimenez
Location: Hanceville, Alabama, USA
Experience Level:
Video Length:

Filmmaker Bio: Mark-Anthony Jimenez is a young independent filmmaker from Birmingham AL. Filmmaking is his passion, but it is also his way of sharing the Good News with those who may have never seen the awesome beauty of Christ portrayed in film. “It is my goal,” says Jimenez, “to continue to uplift audiences around the world with beautiful, purpose-driven entertainment that strikes down barriers and reaches the deepest crevices of the heart.”

Filmmaking Advice:

Mercy Forward was truly a growing experience for me, (Mark-Anthony Jimenez) both as a filmmaker and a Catholic. It was a challenge to complete, and it was only accomplished through the Grace of God. One of the important, and particularly challenging, aspects of this film is the fact that it is a silent film. It was important for me to convey this message of mercy by focusing on actions rather than words. I was very blessed to have a talented and patient cast who worked with me to bring this story to life with each of their incredible performances.


Director- Mark-Anthony Jimenez

Unit Production Manager- Anisa Jimenez

Co-Producers- Gabriel Rodriguez and Patrick Jimenez

First AC- Dallas Stricklin

Production Assistants- Mary-Tarisa Jimenez, Therese Rodriguez, Joseph Jimenez, Katelyn Clapp

Still photographer- Angelica Rodriguez

VFX- Andrew Gil

Animal Trainer- Patrick Jimenez

Original Music Score- John Paul Aguirre

Executive Producer- Mark-Anthony Jimenez

Craft Services- Mary-Tarisa Jimenez

Caterer- Elisa Jimenez

Transpo- John-Anthony Jimenez

Screenplay- Mark-Anthony Jimenez

Woman- Clarisa Gaudet
Baby- Michael S. Hughes
Businessman- Ricky Jordan
Police officer- Gabriel Rodriguez
Thief- Nicholas Smith
Kid w/bicycle- Joseph Jimenez
Sick Child- Isabella Gaudet
Bully #1- Dallas Strickland
Bully #2- Isaac Galbreath
Husband- Ryan Gaudet


13 comments on “Mercy Forward

  1. Patricia Harrod-Wyrosdick on said:

    This film is excellent! Love the concept and the message. The end really brought chills as mercy was truly brought forward and full circle. Great work Mark-Anthony! God has blessed you with great talents and you are using them for His glory. Awesome! Praying that you will be blessed throughout all of your journey.

  2. Derrin Gaudet on said:

    thanks very much for your kind words i am glad i could donate some money to it and i really think its Gods will that you win the award for this short film that you did thanks for your great hard work to show people Gods love through this film thanks i am very proud to support any of your films and videos you do love your truly your best friend Derrin Gaudet

  3. Alison Aughtman on said:

    Mercy Forward is a great short film with a clear and powerful message. Choosing to be merciful isn’t always easy, and often we find ourselves in need of mercy from another . Mercy Forward illustrates this truth well in a series of relatable scenarios. A wonderful reminder of God’s mercy to us that we can share with others.

  4. Anisa on said:

    This is such an inspiring short film. After watching it I feel excited and want to find ways to do good for others. I hope many will watch Mercy Forward and be inspired to show mercy to others and pass it on.

  5. Gabriela Ruvalcaba on said:

    Beautiful message of mercy, much needed to spread everywhere.

  6. Gabriela Ruvalcaba on said:

    Beautiful message of mercy, very much needed to spread.

  7. Sharon on said:

    Voted and shared. Your work, your passion for God’s work. Spot on!

  8. Inspiring, and wonderful message, and wonderfully done! I voted! ‚̧

  9. Sandy Parker on said:

    I was blessed to attend the premiere of this video!!! It shows the blessings
    you can receive when you show mercy to others. And does it without saying
    a word! That is true talent!!!

  10. Richard A Escalante on said:

    Wow the story, the characters,the acting,the sites for each seen, the meaning of Mercy, I loved it. Mercy forward is very much needed in our lives.
    Even when Googleing Mercy Forward …MJM ..Mark Anthony’s film is know to be the top of them all. Congrats to you all that had any part of this film…From California we rate this as number 1 in our book.

  11. Mark-Anthony Jimenez on said:

    Thank you all for your support!
    To God be all the Glory!
    It was truly a wonderful experience to direct this film, and I couldn’t have done it without my amazing and incredibly talented cast, crew & donors, who all came together to make this vision a reality!
    As we journeyed down the road of making this film, it grew more and more apparent that this film was much much bigger and more important than anything we had ever attempted before! We had to overcome many obstacles during the making, such as: constant computer crashes, a last minute cast change, a complicated shot that included a real dog and an infant, two major funerals and a lot of spiritual warfare. Yet, all throughout this movie making process, we could see the hand of God guiding this film, from the writing of the screenplay to the final edit. I pray, that it continues touch hearts with it’s message of Love & Mercy!
    God bless!
    Mark-Anthony Jimenez

  12. Chatty Freeman on said:

    Good meaning, well thought through.

  13. Larisa Hughes on said:

    I Love how this was so beautifully thought out. It touches my heart a different way every time. Hope all can experience God’s mercy through another’s actions like portrayed in this great short film.

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