Past Results

2011 “Share the Story” Award Winners

Young Adult Group Award:

The winners will receive either $8,000 in video gear or four all-inclusive trips to World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid, Spain.


Catholic Integration Agency

“Extremely well done. … Funny, but at the same time serious. A light message with a strong conclusion. Confirmation classes will absolutely want this video for their students!”


Don’t Let Me Fall

“Nice example of how to pray. Good subject matter. Great cinematography. … A true ‘anthem’ as to the challenges of adolescent and young adult angst.”

We Believe

“Excellent technically. … Super awesome variety of people saying The Creed. The variety of folks is a real witness.”


High School Group Award:

The winners will receive either $15,000 in video gear or 10 all-inclusive trips to World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid, Spain.


Love Begins Here

“The animation approach using the whiteboard was an excellent way to convey this message of Mother Teresa. … When I figured out that we were hearing Mother Teresa I was sold. … For those who do not know her, this is a cute way to share her total commitment to God with them.”

Runners Up—

The Pro

“Well done! A story well told and communicated. Great lighting, costumes, production quality—all of great value. … By far the best scripting and quality. The acting is excellent!”

The Ten Plagues

“Good use of video overlay of color. …This was a unique way to make the Old Testament present.”


Individual Category Awards:

Each winner will receive either $4,000 in video gear or two all-inclusive trips to World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid, Spain.


Church History:


Saint Patrick

“Clever use of visual effects. Creative way to tell a story.”

Runners Up—

Lego Easter Story

“Clever still animation.”

The Path to Madrid

“Quite a good artist. Good research on history.”


Church Teaching:



“This really does make the best use of the medium and puts everything together in a compelling way with a concrete theme, a solid story and a conclusion. Making me laugh didn’t hurt either.”

Searching for Truth

“Excellent depth of information. Interesting idea for presentation.“

Simple Love

“Great idea and excellent editing and production. … Technically, this is one of the best.“


Present-Day Missionary Spirit:


Our Hometown

“The script develops a story with a satisfying conclusion and conveys a compelling message.”


God Is Pro-Life

“I was truly touched.”

Jesus in the Streets

“This video draws attention to an important teaching of the church—the Eucharist.”




Sacrament of Divine Mercy

“Good stuff! Highly original. Believable and good subject matter. I love the ‘Doo-wop Beach Boys’ song! … The intended message—confess your sins and don’t be misled by the evil one—is an excellent message.”



“Great interviews–the young people are articulate and well-catechized.! Very well edited and a great ad for confession. …The film reveals a depth of understanding and conviction of ‘confession’ in the lives of young adults.”

Letting Go

“Bags…Intriguing! I like that there are no words… and that you tell the story visually.”


2 comments on “Past Results

  1. Fiona on said:

    DON’T LET ME FALL was by far the most different and innovative. Noteworthy, especially being from Hawaii. Great message on lust and temptation!

  2. Vicki on said:

    Congratulations on being a runner-up Jacob!! You should be very proud! :)

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