Taking the Power Back

Video Description:

A young couple describes the success they’ve had using NFP during their 12-year marriage and offer compelling arguments for the benefits of NFP. They also discuss how practicing NFP can empower couples to take the power of fertility back into their own hands.

Taking the Power Back

Contest: The 2012 Goodness Reigns Mini Contest – Natural Family Planning
Created By: Myra Spiller
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Producer Bio:

Myra has a broad range of interest in film, from social and wildlife documentaries to comedy and fantasy films. Her film career started with the IFCO Hands-on-Film Workshop in Ottawa Ontario in 2007. She now holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Natural History Filmmaking from the University of Otago in New Zealand. Myra’s films bring environmental and social issues to the forefront in a fun and entertaining way that compels people to listen and learn. Her goal is to plant seeds of knowledge that will inspire people to take charge of their lives, their communities and their planet.
Myra Spiller – Camera and Editing
Darryl Everett – 34
Cecilia Everett – 31
Daniel Everett – 11
Cadence Everett – 9
Clark Everett – 6
Zachary Everett – 3
Silken Everett – almost 1

2 comments on “Taking the Power Back

  1. Goodness Reigns on said:

    I loved this video and family–what cute kids! Cecilia and Darryl do a wonderful job of introducing and explaining some of the subtleties of NFP and present a picture of what is truly the good life! Thanks for ending with the advice to research and find people in the know. -Suzanne

  2. JoAnne on said:

    A delightful family and an inspiring couple! Very articulate and easy to understand, well developed presentation to help spread the good news of Natural Family Planning

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