A Conversation with NFP Pioneers

Video Description:

Two teen-aged girls learn three simple reasons for Natural Family Planning from their neighbors, who just happen to be pioneers in the modern NFP movement.

Contest: The 2012 Goodness Reigns Mini Contest – Natural Family Planning
Created By: Beth Dunn
Location: Crescent Springs, Kentucky, USA
Producer Bio:

Beth Dunn prefigured her filmmaking career by creating scenes with her toys. She loved her brownie box camera, but didn’t pick up her first film camera until college. Armed with her film degree, she headed to Hollywood and worked in the entertainment industry. After attending the inspiring Sundance Film Festival, Beth left the studios behind for independent filmmaking. She started her own company producing documentary-style training and promotional films. Beth is happily married to John, who loves to relax and watch a good movie.

3 comments on “A Conversation with NFP Pioneers

  1. My wife and I really liked this video. The Kippleys really reminded us of Joe and Cinda they are the great NFP pioneers in our town. Really liked this video and I really liked the B-Roll.

    • Gabe, Thanks for the good words. I find it interesting that your town has NFP pioneers too. Hope MANY towns do! The couple who volunteered to be involved in the B-Roll were ‘naturals.’ It was a delight to work with them.

  2. Goodness Reigns on said:

    Wow! The Kippleys! This video is a great introductory piece for young folks, but also gets the wheels turning for us older ones, too.

    Thank you!

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