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Often proponents of Natural Family Planning get caught up defending its comparative effectiveness to contraceptives. This is like comparing a rotary phone and iPhone solely on their ability to make a call. There’s so much more NFP has to offer than contraceptives that there’s no contest.

Contest: The 2012 Goodness Reigns Mini Contest – Natural Family Planning
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Mike Day
Location: Orange Park, FL
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Just some guy who knows enough Flash/Illustrator to be dangerous.

4 comments on “NFP Can

  1. Cheryl on said:

    Great job! This is an awesome message! The family loved it :)

  2. Right on! You hit it all. I was very pleased to see a couple married for 25 years who are using NFP – this is every newlyweds goal – to be with their best friend/spouse/lover for the rest of their lives. We still are, and NFP was our choice.

    30 years married and still madly in love :)

    • Eco-breastfeeding is God’s plan for spacing beabis. It is the most natural of the NFP methods. You do not need a grave reason to follow this plan of God’s. The Church needs to promote breastfeeding as a form of NFP. Sheila Kippley, author of Breastfeeding and Catholic Motherhood and of The Seven Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding: The Frequency Factor

  3. Goodness Reigns on said:

    Short and to the point; I like this a lot. Thanks for participating, Mike!

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