Vocations Crisis?

Video Description:

(Portuguese with English subtitles) Nowadays in Europe there is much talk about a “Vocations Crisis”, as the number of priests and sisters have been declining in the last years. In spite of that, the existence of increasingly committed lay people in Church is obvious. We automatically link the word “vocation” with “priestly vocation”, but, in fact, the entire humanity has a vocation, a call from God.
My video is a journalistic approach to exploring the concept of “Vocation” in a deeper meaning.

Contest: 2013 Goodness Reigns “Share the Story”

Created By: Inês Rocha
Maia, Porto, Portugal
Experience Level: Moderate
Filmmaker Age: 21
Video Length: 6 min 52 sec

Filmmaker Bio:
I’m 21 years old, recently graduated in “Communication Sciences: Journalism” at the University of Porto.

I did my curricular internship in Jornal de Notícias, one of the biggest newspapers in Portugal, in its online section. There, I made content production to the website of the newspaper (video and text reports).

During these three months, I developed essential skills to my career: news writing, filmmaking, video editing, synthesis skills, etc.

Before this working experience, however, I tried to develop my skills in other newspapers and in a TV channel. I was a collaborator in Jornal Universitário do Porto, in the webradio Jornalismo Porto Rádio and in the cyberjournal Jornalismo Porto Net. I completed an internship in Canal180, a portuguese TV channel focused on culture and arts.

I am passionate about the audiovisual, the multimedia journalism and about creative writing. I believe it’s possible to make journalism in a creative way and, sometimes, almost artistic. I like to tell stories through images and to use the literary rules to tell real stories.

I believe in the future of a good journalism, which offers new things, in spite of always giving the public what it wants to read. I believe in an educative journalism, which resists the pressure of economic competition.

Also, I’m a Christian and a lay missionary of a congregation (http://www.misionerasdelsantisimo.org/) and I try to use my professional skills to evangelize.

Cast and Crew:
Leonel Claro (missionary priest)
Maricruz Ortiz (missionary sister)
Miguel Peixoto (lay missionary and engineering student)
Torquato (consecrated layman and professor)
Teresa Valente (lay missionary and family doctor)
Ricardo Ascensão (lay missionary and school secretary)

Dexter Britain – The Time to Run
Spider + Octopus – Deep Sea Diver
Oskar Schuster – Sneeuwland

(The music is under Creative Commons licenses.)

Film by Inês Rocha

YOUCAT/Catechism Inspiration:
I was inspired by the theme of “Vocation,” particularly #138 and #139 of the YOUCAT.

3 comments on “Vocations Crisis?

  1. Judges' Comments on said:

    Good message and effectively and very professionally delivered. Quick and to the point. I believe it will help everyone realize they have a role in the evangelization of the world.
    -J. David Pace

    Great interviews.
    -John Brickmeier

    I enjoyed the firsthand accounts delivered in this video. I especially enjoyed the inclusion of a married couple, reminding us that vocational callings come in a variety of packages. I would have enjoyed seeing different camera angles or a look at a few of the interview subjects in “real life” settings. A terrific reminder that we are all called by God.
    -Lisa Hendey

    Vocations Crisis? Attempts to call into question the assumption of a vocation crisis, establishing that what is perceived as a crisis (the church does not look like it did in the past) is not a crisis, but a divine invitation to exploring a fuller sense of vocation for all who are part of the body of Christ. The filmmaker achieves this communication goal and uses the medium well. I found myself wanting to know the subjects in the film with more depth. I encourage the filmmaker to consider producing a feature length documentary taking this short film to the next level.
    -Matt Wielgos

    A wonderful reflection on vocations that expands our notions of vocations to everyday transformation of the Kingdom!
    -Fred Fosnacht

    The film was composed and edited well, but had challenges with visual and auditory consistency. The quality of the sound varied noticeably, and distorted sound was an issue in some scenes. The filmmaker captured spontaneous and interesting conversations, but sometimes at the expense of consistent quality. I loved the thoughtful presentation of what it means to have a vocation, and how that plays out differently in peoples’ lives. The fact that multiple languages were spoken added an international flavor and made the film feel bigger. The rock-and-roll priest was interesting to watch and had a unique perspective, as did the married couple.
    -Sean Herriott

  2. Fred Fosnacht on said:

    A wonderful reflection on vocations that expands our notions of vocations to everyday transformation of the Kingdom!

  3. Roxane B. Salonen on said:

    A beautiful call to action of all the faithful. The quote at the end about the meal having been prepared, and how can we not come, sticks with me as I think over the video. I love, too, how you used so many different examples of lay people discovering their calling and vocation. I think it’s very empowering for us to realize that we all have a vocation, we are all in discernment. Thanks for bringing that to light!

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