Purity of Heart

Video Description:

Made by a teen, this is a video on purity and how to achieve it in the heart, soul and mind!

Contest: 2013 Goodness Reigns “Share the Story”

Created By: Renee
Experience Level: Moderate
Filmmaker Age: 17
Video Length: 6 min 59 sec

Filmmaker Bio:
Vlogging from the age of 16, Renee has been on YouTube sharing her daily insights as a Catholic teen for almost two years. She is driven by a desire to show her generation that they are called to be saints TODAY, and that being a teen is not an excuse to “go out, party and live your life the way you want” as today’s culture promotes.

Why ‘Reborn Pure’? Well ladies and gentlemen, that’s her name! The day Renee happened to figure out in 2011 that her name, Renee Catherine, meant ‘Reborn Pure’, was one of the greatest days in her motivation towards sainthood. Her hope of eventual purification in Christ was written in her name. Her parents were not even aware of the name coincidence. Ever since, Renee has been on Facebook and YouTube showing her generation that, “If you know the truth, PURSUE IT, no matter what age you are!” She started and is the administrator of “New Catholic Generation” (http://newcatholicgeneration.com/) and prays it reaches many Catholic teens and supportive adults of today’s generation.

Cast and Crew:
Thank you to my siblings for helping me on some of the tricky parts! Also, I thank all the other young teens on YouTube under “New Catholic Generation” for encouraging me to make this video even though I had only 3 days to do it :)

Music Credits:
“Neptune” – Gustav Holst
“Valse Triste” – Jean Sibelius
“The Last Spring” – Edvard Greig
“Isle of the Dead” – Sergei Rachmaninoff
“Clair de Lune” – Claude Debussy

YOUCAT/Catechism Inspiration:
The Section on “Purity of Heart” in the Catechism inspired me. Then I also went to the YouCat and discovered what it said about it too!

6 comments on “Purity of Heart

  1. Beato Pós Moderno on said:

    great! Go Renee!

  2. Diana Eroza on said:

    I love it! Congratulations, God bless you always!

  3. Kristie on said:

    This is really creative and clever video. This would be great for middle school and high school students and CCD instruction!

  4. Judges' Comments on said:

    A courageous effort to teach a very relevant topic for youth. I thought the film got stronger as it went on and her humor was delightful. The choice of the circus music was a hoot–but insightful and very creative.
    -Deacon Bill Drobick

    I applaud the filmmaker for putting her faith out there for her peers. It is great to see a teenager helping others to better understand their faith and encouraging them to live their faith.
    -Barbara Bakotich

    Renee, you did a fabulous job with conveying your message. You were obviously familiar with the topic (I loved the YouCat references). The basic transitions focused on the message rather than the film while keeping it exciting. The different views were wonderful and the well-needed message was simply shared. Keep up the good work! God bless.
    -Nicholas Langlois

    Great use of the Vlog to capture the modern Youtube generation. You were very insightful and authoritative which inspires youth to look deeper into these themes. I love the humor layered throughout and thought it was a great film. Keep Vlogging as we need more strong young Catholic women who are able to speak about purity from a practical standpoint.
    -Frank Brennan

  5. James Clement on said:

    Evangelizing through social media is very important in today’s society and you definitely have the gifts in presenting the Good News in an fun, humorous and informative way. You definitely showed creativity and originality! Keep up the good work!

  6. MikeA on said:

    Creative lesson on the virtue of purity! The fast-pace narrative interspersed with funny vignettes work well. Like the use of the “cookie” temptation as an allegory for other truly sinful temptations. Teens will get it!

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