Men Of Faith

Video Description:

“Men of Faith” hopes to convey the importance of prayer for oneself and for others. This video is focused around the lives of three men of faith: the priest who prays for his congregation, the father and head of a household who is in need of prayer for himself and his family, and the man discerning his vocation. With the Year of Faith in mind, we hope this video sparks a revolution for all men of faith, in particular, to stand up and live their faith.

Contest: 2013 Goodness Reigns “Share the Story”

Created By: Rafael Rodarte
Location: Madera, California, USA
Parish/School Name: St. Joachim Catholic Curch
Experience Level: Moderate
Filmmaker Age: 28
Video Length: 5 min 20 sec

Filmmaker Bio:
Rafael Rodarte is a novice filmaker from the Central Valley of California. He began in music and audio recording and in the past few years has also developed in videography. He has taken a few college courses in media production and acquired skills to help his growing passion for film. He has used these skills for his local parish to produce audio and video projects and has put out a few personal short films including a 2011 Goodness Reigns winner, “Covenant”.

Cast and Crew:
Rafael Rodarte – Director of Photography, Editor, Sound Recorder, Song Writer, and Producer
Bernadette Rodarte – Director, Writer, Song Writer andProducer
Alex Garza – Song Writer and Actor
Fr. Gustavo Lopez, OSJ – Actor
Bernard Rieping – Actor
Ana Rieping – Actor
Alex Rieping – Actor
Timothy Rieping – Actor
Zachary Rieping – Actor

YOUCAT/Catechism Inspiration:
Part Four – “How We Should Pray”
Question 487: “Why should we petition God for other people?”

4 comments on “Men Of Faith

  1. Goodness Reigns on said:

    This is quite an undertaking and a very important topic, especially when sociologists are seeing the impact of fatherlessness on children. Not only is it important for the souls of men to work for a place in heaven, but they bring their families along with them. Thank you for focusing on prayer as a source of grace to get through tough times and as a way to thank God for the many blessings that are right under our noses, (often literally)!
    I appreciate your efforts to coordinate and present a film on this topic. The song is impactful and I hope it and its message finds its way into many ears!

  2. John Smestad Jr on said:

    Very moving and real. Thank you for your submission.

  3. Fr. Daniel Whelan on said:

    I especially like the emphasis you placed on the father of the domestic Church. He is essential to having a strong family rooted in the Lord.

  4. Warren Dungen on said:

    Great job on the filming and the song. I think you did an excellent job communicating your theme in the 3 characters. Thanks for submitting your film!

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