Choosing Prayer

Video Description:

Winner-Teen Category! This is a video with three parts–stop motion, time lapse, and a story–answers YOUCAT Question #469: “What is Prayer?” The story follows one teen’s journey of discovering different ways and the motivation to pray daily.

Contest: 2013 Goodness Reigns “Share the Story”

Created By: Tracy Tremblay
Parish/School Name: Quiet Waters
Location: North Collins, New York, USA
Experience Level:
Filmmaker Age:
Video Length:
4 min 23 sec

Quiet Waters and Michael Cygan, Anthony Batt, Hanna Franco, Mary Clare and Richard O’Brien, Kevin Rodgers, Hannah Pietras, Anne and Elizabeth Pivarunas, Laura Tremblay, and Mara and Anna Wicket.

Filmmaker Bio: This group of teenagers got together over the summer to learn about the YOUCAT. We also learned to use the media to spread the Gospel. We thought it would be a great idea to make a video on the YOUCAT and submit it for this contest.

YOUCAT/Catechism Inspiration: This film supports a non-profit that promotes JPII’s Message of a Gospel of Life by adoption, outreach to single mothers and children in need, tuition-free classical Catholic education, and other charitable services

7 comments on “Choosing Prayer

  1. Laura Tremblay on said:

    oh my Goodness! thank you everyone so much! we worked really hard on this video and this is indeed a sign from God that our work is not in vain! that it is Gods will! thank you so much! you dont know what this means for us here at QW!

  2. Diana Eroza on said:

    I´m very happy it is a beautiful work of art! Congratulations and God bless you always.

  3. James Clement on said:

    Well done! The beginning sketch motion picture was really cool! Not only was this film engaging, but it was educational and very practical. I think many of us can relate to the teen in search of prayer. I liked it very much!

  4. MikeA on said:

    Very good! Loved the definition portion of prayer, especially the time-lapse prayer journal. Prayer is a gift! You’ve communicated that very well.

  5. Fr. James Bromwich on said:

    Very well done. You have shown you know your subject matter (and not an easy one) and can present it effectively. I would like to use your film in a mission on prayer I am giving beginning next week at a Newman Center, if you do not mind. Thanks and God bless. -Fr. James

    • Laura Tremblay on said:

      thank you! we worked very hard on this video and i am so glad you like it! I would love for you to use this video anyway you would like to spread the gospel! -Laura Tremblay

    • Quiet Waters on said:

      Father, I think that it would be an honor for us! Thanks for letting us know, it’s a great encouragement.

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