Catholic Integration Agency: YOUCAT Introduction Video

Video Description:

This video introduces the YOUCAT as a relevant and vital tool to study and for living out the Catholic faith.

Contest: 2013 Goodness Reigns “Share the Story”

Created By: John Reyes
La Crescenta, California, USA
Experience Level: Moderate
Filmmaker Age: 24
Video Length: 3 min 30 sec

Filmmaker Bio:
Crux Sacra Productions (CSP) is a creative collective of three Catholic young adults from Incarnation Catholic Church in Glendale, CA, brought together by a unified desire to manifest the “new evangelization” inspired by the special charism and commissioning of Blessed Pope John Paul II, most especially to the youth and young adults of the Church through digital media.

Cast and Crew:
In order of appearance
Matthew Carew – Agent Francis
Carlos Tobón – Agent Carlos
April Saranglao – M
John Reyes – Q
Ron Cordero – Evil Agent
Jon Macaraeg – Evil Agent
Ian Soto – Evil Agent

Andrew Reyes
Stacey Wuthrich
Cyl Gabrielle Jarasa
Ryan Mau
Siegfried Cardeno
Kristina Carden0

YOUCAT/Catechism Inspiration:
The area of the YOUCAT that inspired our film was the forward by Pope Benedict XVI. In it, he encourages youth to “study this Catechism with passion and perseverance,” especially with “how deeply the community of faith has been wounded recently.” We decided to create a video that would introduce the YOUCAT to young people so that they may live out the Holy Father’s message to them.

5 comments on “Catholic Integration Agency: YOUCAT Introduction Video

  1. Diana Eroza on said:

    Wow! Very funny and true. Congratulations and God bless you! :)

  2. Judges' Comments on said:

    Fantastic. Creative, funny and well produced. You’ve brought all the elements of good film making together and created a film that young adults can relate to and draw from. Job well done.
    J. David Pace

    Loved the plot of this video and the depiction by all of the actors, but especially the two main agents. Excellent pacing and love that this promotes the Youcat which is such a gift to youth and young adults
    -Lisa Hendey

    Comedy is hard, and satire is harder. This was a very ambitious undertaking; the pacing and the story were somewhat uneven, and could have benefitted from a shorter running time and a clearer connection to the viewer. A strong sense of fun comes through, as does the feeling that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. I think that is the strongest and most appealing aspect of the film.
    -Sean Herriott

    Love the WHOLE CIA concept. Must. Do. More.
    -Sr. Helena Burns, FSP

  3. Fred Fosnacht on said:

    Creative concept!

    “Always have your answer ready for those who ask you for the reason for the hope you have” (1 Peter 3:15)

    Fun spoofs of the unfamiliarity we have with basic teaching, coupled with the ultimate question: What makes these guys so different?

    Pull-ups with the Catechism? Great metaphor!

  4. Sr. Helena Burns, fsp on said:

    As always, LOVE THESE GUYS! I want them to do the WHOLE catechism like this.

  5. Roxane B. Salonen on said:

    Very clever! Had me smiling from beginning to end. Using the whole secret-agent idea to promote the YOUCAT was a fabulous idea. The little surprises tucked in throughout really held my attention. Thanks for using your creativity to promote this valuable “secret weapon.” With your help, it won’t be so secret anymore. :)

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