All Things

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“All Things” is about seeing God in all things of this world. He really is the truth and purpose for all of creation and without Him, we would have nothing. He did all of it for us purely out of love, so what are we going to do for Him?

Contest: 2013 Goodness Reigns “Share the Story”

Created By: Sherwin Acidera
Location: Ewa Beach, Hawaii, USA
Experience Level:
Filmmaker Age:
Video Length:
4 min 02 sec

Original Poem by: Katreina Gamil
Featuring: Katreina Gamil
Director: Sherwin Acidera
Producer: Sherwin Acidera
Camera: Sherwin Acidera, Shaun Agtarap
Sound: Shaun Agtarap, Justin Aquino
Editing: Sherwin Acidera

Filmmaker Bio: Sherwin Acidera, director of “All Things”, is currently a senior studying film at the Academy for Creative Media at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He enjoys making videos that are positive, allowing the audience to reflect on life. He is also an active catechist, serving the youth at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church and using his gift and talents of media to give all glory to God.

YOUCAT/Catechism Inspiration: The entire Section 1, but more specifically questions 1 & 2 (“For what purpose are we here on earth?” and “Why did God create us?”).

7 comments on “All Things

  1. Diana Eroza on said:

    Wow, congratulations!

  2. Judges' Comments on said:

    I think the bold choice to center the piece on the performance of a poem was very good, and I think it was a refreshing approach. A more visually interesting setting for the performance itself would have enhanced the effectiveness of the film. I know it would have been very difficult given budget and time constraints, but I would have liked to have seen additional exterior scenes directly related to the poem’s content. Overall I thought “All Things” was unique, creative, and would make a great impact on its intended audience.
    -Sean Herriott

    All things combines poetry, reinforced by the printed word,and illustrated with rich but grounded imagery to provide a real-world sense. All Things carries a sense of the human reaching for the Divine and the Divine reaching back. Well done!
    -Matt Wielgos

    Beautifully rendered. The rap/poetry was well delivered and its content was both inspirational and challenging.
    Lisa Hendey

  3. Fred Fosnacht on said:

    A beautiful “unpacking” of Paul’s summary of the purpose of creation:
    “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made” (Romans 1:20).
    Katreina’s delivery of her original poetry is authentic, moving and impeccably delivered. It compels us to slow down and and experience the often unseen and overlooked, and she resonates joy upon finding the discoveries of a “God of surprises”.

    I appreciated the insights of God’s presence not only in majesty and mystery, but also in pain, struggle, and “breath”.

    The production enhances the delivery of the message. Shout out’s to Shaun and Justin for achieving clarity of sound, and using restraint on backtracks. Sherwin used in my opinion, just enough outside footage to invoke images which reinforce the message, but don’t co-opt the imagination of the listener to move to their own internal memories of “all things”. Artfully edited.

    Excellent job!

  4. Sr. Helena Burns, fsp on said:

    Preach it, Sistah! ALL THINGS are gorgeous in this vid. High, high production values. Our poetess gives a strong, confident spoken word delivery. Yes. Da kine!

  5. John Smestad Jr on said:

    Very, very creative. Holds attention of the viewer as one keeps wondering where the weaving of the thoughts will go. Thank you for your submission.

  6. Fr. Daniel Whelan on said:

    A very thought provoking poem which reminds us all that God is the beginning and the end of all things on this earth, including ourself. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Warren Dungen on said:

    Exceptional cinematography and great use of lighting to enhance your message. Very poetic and passionate in All Things! Thanks for submitting your film.

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