We Believe

Video Description:

In this commercial-style film, the universality of the Catholic Church is represented by a widely varying group of individuals who recite the Apostle’s Creed one by one while an everyman journeys to church.

Award Category: Young Adult Award
Video Category: Missionary Spirit
Church/School/Group: NA
Created By: Jacob Popcak
Location: Steubenville, OH

20 comments on “We Believe

  1. Michelle vallerie on said:

    great job jacob. very professionally done. This deserves to be in the finals, I hope you win.

  2. Elaine on said:

    Very good job Jacob. I enjoyed the video very much. I especially liked the diversification.

  3. Elaine on said:

    Very good job Jacob. I enjoyed the video very much. I really liked the diversefication.

  4. I think this film is terrific. It follows a maxim that is dear to me, aesthetically speaking: K.I.S.S.

    In the context of contemporary Christian art, what does K.I.S.S. mean? It means get out of your own way, and let the Church and the Lord do the talking.

    You let the Church do the talking through the creed; and you let the Lord do the talking through his creatures. You let people just be — be present — without any melodramatic heavy breathing, or directorial ornamentation on your part.

    Rather than manufacturing a simulacra of lived faith, you documented the presence of God, within the lives of his people.

    It is maybe a little over-exaggerating, but I say in jest what I mean most — your film is the “Into Great Silence” of the shorts on this site that I viewed: simple, plain, nothing non-essential, joyfully austere; filled with the authentic presence of the children of God.

    You exercise the strength of humility in your aesthetic restraint.

    Or put less piously: Keep It Simple Stupid.

    ;), bb

  5. Rick Marcantonio on said:

    Amen, little brother. Well done. God, I love being Catholic.

  6. Vicki on said:

    That was video great Jacob! I really liked how you showed a variety of people with different styles and such. Very well done! Bravo!! (standing ovation) I think you have a very bright future in film! :)

  7. Deanna on said:

    Jacob, This is beautiful. You should submit it to the LA Religious Congress for Youth Day. We justcame back from one lay Tuesay and they had several short videos that were almost as good as yours. Blessings Galore from California

  8. Wow, very professional!

  9. Need to know why I can’t vote for this video??? I go ton the link directly from the website and it says “thanks for your vote” and I haven’t voted but I go to the top rated video and the link is visible there but not on this video. Whats wrong? This is a great video!

    • Suzanne on said:

      Hello Tim,
      Unfortunately you cannot vote again for a film if you’re voting from a network and someone else has voted before you. The voting program recognizes that someone has already voted from the network. Please email me and I can discuss this further if you’d like. Suzanne@ goodnessreigns.com.

  10. Mikki on said:

    Very well done — no wonder the folks are proud! Great way to represent the universality of our faith. Keep up the good work!

  11. Great job Jacob, I’m very proud!

  12. Justen on said:

    Nice stuff Jacob.

  13. Carla on said:

    Great job, Jacob! Beautiful!

  14. Carrie MacGillis on said:

    Very good video! I absolutely love it!!!!

  15. Rachel on said:

    Love the use of many different faces and ages: the universality of our faith! Nice music choice as well.

  16. Kelley on said:

    I just heard about your film from your parent’s More2Life program & they said to watch it so I did! Awesome depiction of our faith!! You’re already a winner!
    Kelley from Texas

  17. John Balzano on said:

    Beautifully done Jacob. You presented our Creed in a way that was both moving and heartening.

  18. Fr. Deacon Daniel on said:

    Excellent work, Jacob. You have some real talent – keep it up!

  19. Suzanne on said:

    You’ve captured the wonderful diversity of our church united in one faith. Beautiful!
    Thank you–Suzanne

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