The Ten Plagues

Video Description:

The prom is cancelled, cell phones and computers don’t work, everything is turned upside down in this modern-day interpretation of the ten plagues.

Award Category: High School Group Award
Video Category: Missionary Spirit
Church/School/Group: Holy Spirit Youth Ministry – Chazoo Warriors
Created By: Sarah Elmer
Location: Kimberly, WI

15 comments on “The Ten Plagues

  1. Ally Buss on said:

    heyyy! i totally hope u guys win the contest thingyy.

  2. You guys did a great job with this. Look out Hollywood!

  3. leeann on said:

    great job to all of you! job well done!

  4. Carlarae Van Grinsven on said:

    Great job, Abby and friends. It’s great, as a teacher, to know that you are still thoroughly immersed in your religion. Don’t ever let go of what truly counts in life—our unending love for God. Most of you were former students of mine and I want you to know how proud I am of you!

  5. Chazoo Vice Chief on said:

    Go Chazoo Warriors!!! Our film turned out really great and I really think that all of our hard work has paid off! I really liked how our video turned out, and now hopefully we can win the most points! (Fingers crossed)

  6. Pat in NC on said:

    Great job gang! Your message came across very clearly and it is one we all can learn from. You have a talented group and it warms my heart that you made this video. I wish you the best of luck in the competition. Of course…I’m partial to two of the actors in this fine cast!!
    Thanks everyone for your hard work and for caring about others!


  7. Heather on said:

    Awesome video. Thanks for sharing it with me. I know you put a tremendous amount of time and effort into creating it. Me gusta mucho! Sra A

  8. Rosemary on said:

    Awesome Job guys! This is very impressive!

  9. That God voice is played exceptionally well. :)

  10. Wow~ It’s kinda sad that I didn’t get to see the final video until now, even though I am the main character. Lol. It’s wonderful! My family laughed a lot. I hope we can get the word out so more people can vote!

    • Laura on said:

      Haha same- except I haven’t even seen the final video yet because our computer freezes every time I try to watch it :(

  11. HEY LOOK!! ITS ME 😀 I hope you like it :]

  12. Suzanne on said:

    Very creative! I love God’s calling of the lowly freshman (played very well) and the present-day translation of the plagues. You put a lot of time into this. It’s fun to watch and drives home an important point.
    Thank you!

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