The Pro

Video Description:

Through its costuming and set design, this video transports viewers to Mexico in the early 1900s when Fr. Miguel Pro was martyred for his faith. Don’t miss this artful re-telling of “The Pro’s” last moments that is sure to inspire.

Award Category: High School Group Award
Video Category: Church History
Church/School/Group: Madonna Productions
Created By: Nicholas Smith
Location: Hanceville, AL

5 comments on “The Pro

  1. Mark-Anthony Jimenez on said:

    Thank you all for your awesome commits. It was a load of fun making The Pro. we always try to make our films as real as possible, though I must say my acting as the guard was not as great as I would have liked; ) I want to give great gratitude to the Brothers at ST. Bernhard’s Abey for letting us film at that great location, and all the Smiths and my family for their great participation and friendship in making the Pro a fantastic short film. I especially want to thank the directer and good friend Nicholas Smith for his outstanding performance as Fr. Pro, and really coming through in putting the great script, costumes, location and everything else that he did to make this movie truly great! lastly I want to thank God having his hand in guiding our hearts and mind to make this beautiful film for his glory. ; )

    Please pray for me as I someday hope to go down the road of professional movie making.
    thank you and God Bless you

    Mark-Anthony Jimenez

  2. Julianna Hofmann on said:

    I’m speechless!
    This is so amazing! Great job!!


  3. Chrystia on said:

    Wow! This is truly amazing. Wonderful script, and the acting, especially done by the priest, is incredible. Such a marvelous short movie that I am surprised and disappointed that such a fine film has such little votes. But, please, don’t look at the votes, because you all did an outstanding job, and should be very proud of your hard work.
    Cultivate your God-given talents! :)
    Thank you for this.
    God bless you all! †

    ~+~ From an Aspiring Movie Director ~+~

  4. Gabriel Castillo on said:

    Beautiful! Its as if God himself wrote your script. I had always felt that the life of Miguel Pro was a life made for the big screen. You did an excellent job. I could recognize in your scenes the photographs of the events and in my opinion you captured the spirit. Thank you! Keep making movies and then you will be a movie maker.

  5. Suzanne on said:

    Excellente! A very powerful and artful depiction of Father Pro’s story. The script and acting are strong. It is a moving piece, indeed. Thank you for braving the snow storm to get this to us and God bless all of you for your efforts.

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