St. Patrick

Video Description:

Imagine being torn away from your family when young and sent to another country as a slave. Learn about the life of this popular saint and how he prayed, never giving up hope but always trusting in God’s plan for his life.

Award Category: Individual – Church History
Video Category: Church History
Church/School/Group: Sacred Heart Parish
Created By: Anthony Pires
Location: Terrace, British Columbia – Canada

2 comments on “St. Patrick

  1. Diana Lourdes Eroza Osorio on said:

    Congratulations, the work you do genius, is very valuable and is remarkable. Thanks for do it!

  2. Suzanne on said:

    This is an excellent short history of St. Patrick’s life shown in a colorful way. I like the nod to his reliance on pray after he was torn away from his family. This is also a great testament to divine providence and trust in God’s plan that all will be well.

    Thank you!

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