Searching for Truth

Video Description:

Are you aware of the reasons why the Catholic Church opposes artificial contraception? Travel with this young woman in search of the truth and a better understanding of the church’s teaching.

Award Category: Church Teachings
Video Category: Individual – Church Teachings
Church/School/Group: NA
Created By: Rebekah Pierre
Location: Maplewood, MN

3 comments on “Searching for Truth

  1. Justin Stroh on said:

    Go Bekkah!

  2. GABRIEL on said:

    Very Cool! I love it! These are the kind of topics that are real and life changing. Thanks for having the guts to talk about the big white elepant aka… the little pill.

  3. Suzanne on said:

    Thank you for tackling this important and often misunderstood/misinterpreted teaching of the church that is fundamental in many ways. You are a brave crusader! I’m glad you did make a video!

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