Our Hometown

Video Description:

A couple struggles to find God’s will and discover through prayer and scripture that their mission field is near to and at home.

Award Category: Individual – Missionary Spirit
Video Category: Missionary Spirit
Church/School/Group: NA
Created By: Madison Black
Location: Chickasha, OK

10 comments on “Our Hometown

  1. Virginia Lewis on said:

    This was a wonderful video.. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Dorlisa Brown on said:

    Madison, Connie and Tim, I love the message on the video so were do i vote YES on here so you can win because i believe this video will bring the message of GOD on here.

    • Madison on said:

      Dorlisa, there is a link to vote right under the video. Where it says how many votes this video has. Thank you so much!

  3. Claudia on said:

    Just like the song says, “Thank you for giving to the Lord”! This may be a short film, but it packs a powerful message! I too, will remember James 1:27!

  4. Gary Butler on said:

    Awesome! Helps Christians realize that God wants to bless them, so that we might be a blessing to those in need. And they are all around us.

  5. Ponce Leon on said:

    WOW – Very powerful message!

  6. Melissa on said:

    This is such an amazing message to share with us! Thank you for taking the time to document such acts of kindness and love.

  7. Loralee Hart on said:


    this is a great video…wonderful message and I thank you for using your talent to get this message across to christians…like me
    many people want to go into missions but really don’t want to leave their hometown…and this gives you the great idea and opportunity to minister in the area of missions right where you live

  8. Suzanne on said:

    This is a simple message and a great reminder to us all–we can be missionaries within our own cities and homes. One of my favorite lines in this story was what went something like: “It wasn’t about my feelings but about what God wanted from me.”
    It’s easy to get hung up on our feelings of fear and being inadequate but when we push those feelings down and focus on what needs to be done, great things can happen. Thank you! And I will remember James 1:27, too.

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