Letting Go

Video Description:

Do you know someone who is unsure of the power the sacrament of confession has to free us? Send them a link to this film and teach without saying a word!

Award Category: Individual – Sacraments
Video Category: Sacraments
Church/School/Group: NA
Created By: Sean Klooster
Location: Cumming, GA

16 comments on “Letting Go

  1. Madeline on said:

    What a beautiful, clear reminder that there is no reason to drag the junk of our lives around with us when Jesus is always ready and waiting to take it all away. Thank you~

  2. Anonymous on said:

    WOW! This was a very moving video. It surely helps us to remember why we have reconciliation. I agree with Suzanne. A great message for everyone.

  3. Uncle Thompson on said:

    This was beautiful, thank you for sending it to me. I know your parents are very proud of you.

  4. Constance on said:

    great work

  5. Ellen Hoover on said:

    Really enjoyed your video Sean. Hope you continue to make great films. God Bless You!

  6. Connie on said:

    Quite inspiring, Sean. Thank you for stepping forward to share your talent in creating this film, so that many who are meant to see it on You Tube might be moved to take positive action for the sake of their Souls this Lent.

  7. Kyle & Dana Klooster on said:

    Powerful message. Well done Sean

  8. Shelly Stafford on said:

    Beautiful film! I am very proud of you.

  9. Wonderful job Sean, thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

  10. Great Job!! Excellent thought!!!!

  11. Skotti Frese on said:

    very powerful, brought me to tears! Can’t wait to share on my Facebook page.

  12. Great job, Sean! We enjoyed it.

  13. After I viewed and voted, I placed it on my Facebook. Great stuff, Sean!

  14. Anonymous on said:

    This was a very powerful and moving video. I really enjoyed it.

  15. Mary Claire on said:

    I agree, great message.. very well done!

  16. Suzanne on said:

    This is a great use of metaphor–very subtle at the beginning but the images speak volumes as the film progresses. Nice staging and a very moving ending.

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