Eyes of Hope, Ears of Faith

Video Description:

Following a reflection and collage of important players in the church’s history, this video also ┬ápresents a hiking experience that imitates one’s journey of faith.

Award Category: Young Adult Award
Video Category: Church History
Church/School/Group: St. Andrew’s Newman Center/UCR Catholic Student Fellowship
Created By: Matthew Taon
Location: Riverside, CA

2 comments on “Eyes of Hope, Ears of Faith

  1. Bimslankjngnmnangis on said:

    Thank you for this!! This is a great account and I’ll come back to read it often!When I mneeiotnd in my post that I would chart NFP while on the pill if I was ever in that situation, I meant that I would follow a cycle similar to those of women not on the pill. The purpose of charting would be so my husband and I would continue to have periods of abstinence, as if we weren’t on the pill. At least we could preserve that side of a natural family planning plan.I consider it less a plan of abstinence for abstinence’s sake and more of a way to keep some perspective and avoid a lustful period of marriage. I do like your suggestion of following the Church’s calendar instead of a normal cycle, however. Discernment is key, as you suggest, and that’s going to be tailored to the individual.

  2. Suzanne on said:

    A nice collage of images and reflection on the people and role Jesus Christ has played in the church and how journeying is part of our human experience. My favorite line: “My brothers and sisters, this faith is not just worth dying for, it’s so powerful, it’s worth living for!”
    Thank you!

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