Covenant: God’s Love & Commitment

Video Description:

This short film explains the concept of God’s covenant with His people through the story of Moses and the example of marriage. Using humor and simple visuals, all ages will ¬†understand and appreciate this video.

Award Category: Individual – Church Teachings
Video Category: Church Teachings
Church/School/Group: St. Joachim Catholic Church
Created By: Rafael Rodarte
Location: Madera, CA

5 comments on “Covenant: God’s Love & Commitment

  1. alan and mary shearer on said:

    Beautifully done…the message is powerful…so glad to see you passing it on!

  2. Josh on said:

    Loved listening to Moses on his trips up and down the mountain, fantastic!

  3. Kala Ott on said:

    That was awesome guys, everything you said is so true :) I loved the music and the art work!!!!!!!
    Great job guys :)

  4. Vanessa Macugay on said:

    This is a lovely video it is straight to the point and clear. It means a lot to me and makes perfect sense plus goes along with my life right now because I just got married a week and half ago:) I am so glad that God has given me both my husband and such a great example of marriage and how it could never be broken.
    Nice Job and Good luck guys!

  5. Suzanne on said:

    You took what is an essential and beautiful component of our faith and presented it in a way that all ages can understand and enjoy. Great work! Thank you!

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