Blazing Boomerangs

Video Description:

Play along with Steve, Vienna and Jake Tuna, the main character who becomes unconscious during a dodge ball game. Jake undergoes an examination of conscience in this fun video, which provides a great review of The 10 Commandments.

Award Category: High School Group Award
Video Category: Church Teachings
Church/School/Group: Acts of Charity
Created By: Nicholas Langlois
Location: Auburn Hills, MI

4 comments on “Blazing Boomerangs

  1. Acts of Charity on said:

    Thank you all for your supportive comments!
    Yeah the sound was giving us trouble…but hey, first big production! xD …well, sorta

  2. Jordan on said:

    You had a lot of great effects. I thought that they sound cut outs could use some work, but the script was really funny and easy to follow.

  3. Pat Parker on said:

    Teens at their finest. Great work, all of you!

  4. Suzanne on said:

    What an entertaining translation of The 10 Commandments! Very catchy script and a lot of meat to go along with the fun. You packed a lot into 7 minutes. Great work!

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