An Extra Special Missionary

Video Description:

Children with special needs teach us how to love more fully. Narrated by the mom of an “extra special missionary,” this video shows the challenges/joys of this calling, and reminds us that each child is a gift.

Award Category: Individual – Missionary Spirit
Video Category: Missionary Spirit
Church/School/Group: NA
Created By: Gabriela Velasquez
Location: Canterbury, CT

15 comments on “An Extra Special Missionary

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  2. It is so true that children and adults who happen to have Downs Syndrome give something special to the people who come in contact with. Our family was blessed with our oldest son and then we were blessed a second time when we adopted our second son. All of our children learned so many lessons from them Jay and James love life and we can see it every day.
    God blessed us and we are thankful.

  3. Samantha Sourbeck on said:

    Great Job on the video Gabbie! Your family is such a blessing and light for the Lord.

  4. Doug Valenzuela on said:

    What an extraordinary testimony!! Our youngest brother of 13 was severely Mongoloid and died at 16. In so many ways he was like your daughter and everything you say is true. These children are an immeasurable gift from God!! God will surely reward your husband and you for your nobility and selfless generosity. You both are the love of the Sacred Heart written large for the rest of us. In Christo Rege!!

  5. Mary Beth on said:

    Beautiful job, Leticia! You have such a blessed family and are an inspiration to us all!

  6. An amazing story! The most important things in life are not taught in books. Some people are more fortunate than others in what they have not only learned but experienced. It can be so hard to explain to others so they have a grasp but you’ve captured it all. Your heart was filled with so much love. You had more love to give than you ever thought possible. The love you got in return was unconditional and free spirited. You will be forever thankful for Christina. When you look back to your original plan it pales in comparison. Thank you for opening your heart and sharing your story. It’s a beautiful story.

  7. Wow! You hit the nail on the head. Everything you said – BEAUTIFUL! My God Bless You and your little girl. She looked like a princess on her First Communion. My little boy Joey (6 years old with down syndrome) will receive his First Communion next year God Willing. Your daughter is an inspiration!

  8. Mike Medrzycki on said:

    Very nicely done!
    My wife Jane and I have been blessed with a son Joe Willie who is soon to be 14. He is #6 of 6 (26-17). He has 3 older sisters and two older brothers and has been a point of strength, laughter and joy for all of us. Joey has made many friends in his school and throughout our community and is truly a loving boy and is loved by by many. He is active in sports, church and aspires to one day be te next Dick Vitale broadcasting college basketball on his own network…JOE TV…

    We encourage those individuals lucky enough to have the oppoprtunity to walk in the shoes of a parent of a down syndrome child for even a few hours, you will understand the gift we are blessed to experience daily.


  9. Jim Bendell on said:

    Thank you for sharing the blessing of your daughter. I am reminded of what Fr. Mateo, promoter of the Sacred Heart devotion, said: That eternity will not be enough time for us to thank God for giving us the life He chose for us instead of the life we planned for ourselves.

  10. Randy Engel on said:

    What a wonderful tribute to God’s abiding love as found in the embrace, the smile and the soul of a child with Down syndrome. I hope that all the supporters of the International Foundation for Genetic Research, popularly known as the Michael Fund, will move this video into the number one spot.

    God’s blessing on your family,

    Randy Engel, Director IFGR/MF

  11. Catherine Kennedy on said:

    Leticia words are not enough to thankyou for what you do to raise the awareness of just how lovely children with down syndrome are! Now you and everyone else that participated here did a marvellous story ! It was both so very uplifting and inspiring so congratulations to all involved! We so liked the spiritual dimension to the story too.
    Now to anyone who has a special needs child it is so very reassuring to know that you are not alone and so the video here is so very helpful in both the words and the message that is relayed! Children with down sydrome are a gift to be always honored, valued and cherished. They are so very often so life enhancing with the sheer joy and zest for life that they radiate from within. We can all learn so much from them!

  12. Rich Menard on said:

    Outstanding video. Well Done!

    My wife Monina and I have also been blessed with a son who has Down Syndrome. Peter is 11 years old and is in 5th grade. He is truly the blessing and gift from God to our entire family. I agree 100 percent that each child is special in his or her own way. Peter brings joy and love to everyone he meets. He is a caring and loving young man, who’s has so much love in his body and soul that he wants everyone to have some it. The smile that Peter puts on our face each and every minute of the day when he is just being Peter. God only gives gifts of special children to families who can handle it and have faith the He will provide them everything they need to take care of the gift and blessing He has given them. My wife and I truly believe that Peter is our gift. Thank you for the video and my prayers are with you and your family and your gift. God Bless.

  13. Fr. Daniel on said:

    What a beautiful gift you have received. I often tell my congregation that if they truly want to see the love of God, all they need to do is to look into the eyes of a child with Downs Syndrome. Our world can learn so much from them. I will continue to pray that God will use this special missionary of His truth and love to touch the hearts of our culture.

    May the Lord bless you always and may Mary wrap each of you with her mantle of love.

  14. Gabriel Castillo on said:

    Your child isn’t just God’s gift to your family, but to the world. Your family is a beautiful witness to hope.

  15. Suzanne on said:

    Thank you for this moving witness to what a mother’s love can do and what the love of this little girl is doing to change hearts. You’ve done a fantastic job of presenting how one’s faith can help address the challenges of raising a child with special needs, but more importantly, why the world needs these special people to teach us how to love more fully.
    Thank you!

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