Father John Nepil

Eventually, the burnout in America was too much for this cradle Catholic. Enough was enough, so Fr. John and his friends ‘medicated’ by going outdoors as one option in... Read More ››

The Mutunga Partnership

The Mutunga Partnership is a micro finance organisation that is committed to helping the poorest help themselves. Read More ››

Choosing Prayer

A 3 part video with stop motion, time lapse, and a story. It follows question #469 What is Prayer?, and goes on a faith journey, finally to come to... Read More ››

Catholic Integration Agency: YOUCAT Introduction Video

This video introduces the YOUCAT as a relevant and vital tool to study and live out the Catholic faith. Read More ››

Vocations Crisis?

Nowadays, in Europe, there is much talk about a "Vocations Crisis", as the number of priests and sisters have been declining in the last years. Read More ››

Purity of Heart

Made by a teen, this is a video on Purity and how to achieve it in the Heart,Soul, and Mind! Read More ››

Humanae Vitae Predicts Effects of Contraception

This video points to the wisdom of Holy Mother Church by pointing out her infallible teaching of Contraception. That amidst the confusion and controversy of this issue, the Holy... Read More ››

Men Of Faith

"Men of Faith" hopes to convey the importance of prayer, for oneself and for others. This video is focused around the lives of 3 men of faith Read More ››

Lord of the Flies

The spiritual life is a struggle and the battlefield is the human heart. We are free to decide, but of a sinful life we should take no part. Read More ››

All Things

"All Things" is about seeing God in all things of this world. He really is the truth and purpose for all of creation and without Him, we would have... Read More ››

El lugar de los hombres pequenos

"God is love. He also wants our love. A loving way to surrender to God is: Live like Jesus, poor, chaste and obedient. Who lives like this has his... Read More ››


A series of interviews with youth, a Catholic priest, and a 92 year old wise Catholic woman exploring the human experience, the fall, and restoration through the light of... Read More ››

Take Advantage Of It

in this video i wanted to represent a typical young men, who doesnt get responsible of his acts, he use bad his freedom and get a terrible end. Read More ››

The Word in the World

Is the Word of God boring and irrelevant? Meet Americans, Filipinos and Indians who emphatically tell us how God's Word is changing their lives. Read More ››


Every time she paints, she remembers someone who never met. Someone with the same color eyes, the same paint color, the color of the sky. Read More ››

Up or Down

This a short video about the future. (Heaven or Hell) The video is asking the viewer the question: which future is theirs...... Read More ››

Humble Yourself

What is humility? Why is it important? How does it affect our relationship with God? Read More ››


Veronica opens her heart for God. He carves the girl that she is intended to be. Read More ››

40 Days for Love

40 Days for Love is a prayer and action campaign dedicated to promoting the challenge of chastity throughout the world. Read More ››

Finding Rest

"Finding Rest" is a video that is a personal reflection about prayer. Inspired by St. Augustine's theology, and experiencing God's love through my own trials allowed me to understand... Read More ››

The Choice

This is a Pro Life video that highlights a psychological view on choices, the Catholic Church's view on Abortion, our culture, and a true testimony from the Hope Mobile... Read More ››

Sharing God’s Love in Nicaragua

Video Description: A heartwarming inside view of the missionary work of Father Chuck’s Challenge, a small Catholic charity founded to carry out the ambitious dreams of the late Father... Read More ››

Saint Michael vs. Satan

The famous battle of saint Michael and Lucifer, in a dramatic lego stop-motion. Read More ››

Heart of Jesus Style

A Catholic remix to Gangnam Style - focused on Mary and the role she played in bringing Jesus into the world so that we may be saved from sin... Read More ››

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