Mercy Forward

Mercy Forward is a story about the awesome power of Christ's mercy when it is manifest through His children. Read More ››

The Problem of Mercy

James is violentere with out his knowing to give a speech for a Mercy program at his church. Unable to back down, goes to his friend, Jude for help. Read More ››

Be Not Afraid (Also: Fire & Grace: Trusting the Light of Faith)

Watch the story that's helping to transform our culture and inspiring a new generation in powerful ways. Read More ››

Thy Will, Not My Will

In this short documentary, Thy Will, Not My Will, we follow the inspirational story of Christina Pascua, who was involved in a devastating car accident at just the age... Read More ››

Night Fever in New York City

he Seat of Mercy visits the city that never sleeps. For the first time, St. Patrick's Cathedral hosts "NightFever," an open evening of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. Read More ››

Proclaiming God’s Mercy

Proclaiming God's Mercy is film about using the media to proclaim God'd Mercy to many people that really need to hear the message of mercy. Read More ››


It`s a song with message about how great is the Mercy of God and how great is for you and the world to imitate. Read More ››

Signs of Mercy

See how a soccer player takes the time to recognize works of mercy shown to him in subtle ways. Read More ››

After The Grace of Christmas

Fourteen year old St Therese is struck with compassion and love at the sight of our Crucified Lord. Read More ››

Clean Water For God’s Thirsty Children

Describes Water With Blessings an organization that provides filters to Water Women in locations without clean, potable water. Read More ››