100,000 Rosaries for Angola

Holy Spirit Catholic in Duncanville, TX made a campaign to collect 100,000 Rosaries for the Southern Country of Angola. This is the story of how the Church and country... Read More ››

A Garland of Roses

The film expresses my love for the Rosary, how it came about, and where it has lead me through the years. I share a song I wrote to honor... Read More ››

The Bomb & the Blessed Mom

Woman who left the church for many years comes back and connects with the rosary in a surprising way through Our Lady of Fatima. Read More ››

Reaching Out

This video depicts the special Evangelization we do in our neighborhood and around the world. Read More ››

The Catholic Tree House: Rosary Secrets in the Springtime

A Catholic version of "The Magic Tree House" book series. The Blessed Mother sends Jack and Annie on a mission to the Garden of Eden to get a... Read More ››

My Mother & I

This film is a combination of a short documentary and personal experiences with the rosary. It is geared towards engaging the audience through visual images, music, and short (to... Read More ››

A Weapon for Our Times

The glory and power of the Rosary.

Save a Life with your Rosary

Praying the Rosary outside of abortion mills is converting hearts and saving lives, try this powerful method to build the culture of Life Read More ››

The Rosary

A fictional drama about the Rosary featuring the 15 promises made to Saint Dominic by Our Lady. Read More ››

Why You Should Pray The Rosary

There are many reasons you can think of to avoid praing the rosary, but there are more good reasons to pray the rosary then there are to not pray... Read More ››

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