The YOUCAT – A Book That Answers Life’s Questions

Why do we yearn for happiness? (YOUCAT, 281)
Why is the Church opposed to capital punishment ? (YOUCAT, 381)
Why is it a sin to take drugs? (YOUCAT, 389)
What is Holy Eucharist? (YOUCAT, 208)

What is the YOUCAT?

The YOUCAT, or Youth Catechism,* is a Question & Answer guide to the Catholic Christian faith–its theology, practices and way of life–geared toward teens and young adults.

The YOUCAT is printed by Ignatius Press. Visit the official YOUCAT website and order yours today!

Explore the YOUCAT Through Goodness Reigns’ Video Contests

GOODNESS REIGNS will sponsor periodic contests to inspire exploration of the YOUCAT. Its largest contest is the “Share the Story” Video Contest that awards winners cash or trips to World Youth Day, a week-long event held internationally every few years.

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Can’t Buy A YOUCAT? Online Resource Is Available

Citation numbers found in the YOUCAT correspond with the larger, expanded document, The Catechism of the Catholic Church, if you need further instruction. You can find the Catechism online HERE.

However, the YOUCAT has been created with youth and young adults in mind and provides a good starting point for exploration. If desired, you may purchase the YOUCAT HERE.

(*Catechism: “A book of questions and answers, used for the instruction of Christians.”)