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Other Testimonials:

“Thank you for the generous donation of $1000 from Goodness Reigns. This amount will provide three first-time borrowers with a foundation loan, which, in our experience, enables a family to begin their steady and permanent journey out of poverty.”
- Morris Stuart, Founder of The Mutunga Partnership

The Mutunga Partnership in Kenya was the focus of Australian filmmaker Amy Dwight’s 2013 contest submission, which won the “Good Samaritan in Media Award.”

2016 “Share the Story” Contest Participants explain the value of Goodness Reigns’ contests and thank Our Sunday Visitor for its financial support.

Sherwin Acidera of Ewa Beach, Hawaii

Winner of the Good Samaritan in Media Award

“Thy Will, Not My Will”

Doing the documentary on Christina Pascua, who survived a devastating car crash, has allowed me to not take life for granted.  Listening and documenting her story has given me a better appreciation for life and for God and all the miracles that He continues to do.  Without this contest, I would not have had the opportunity to be able to share such an inspiring story.

Having a faith-based film contest allows Christian filmmakers, like me, an opportunity to share stories of our faith.  Now in society’s media, we rarely see Christian films.  It is an outlet to share our gifts as filmmakers and to spread the word of God at the same time. I think having a cash prize allows us to continue to pursue our goal as Christian filmmakers.  For me personally, I will be using the cash prize to purchase more film equipment that I know will allow me to better myself in the profession of filmmaking.

To have my work become part of a growing archive of faith-based films means the world to me.  Ever since graduating from high school, I knew my gift was to make films.  I love making films that inspire people to become the best versions of themselves.  Knowing that I can touch someone’s life with a video is the motivation for why I continue to join this contest.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Our Sunday Visitor for sponsoring this contest. Please know that your sponsorship of this contest is opening a new path for positive media in our world.  There is no real opportunity like this for Christian filmmakers in the world and it personally has allowed me to grow in my faith.  Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all that you do.  God bless and Aloha from Hawai’i!


Katie Breidenbach of Bloomington, Indiana

Winner of the Music Video Award

“Night Fever in New York City”

My participation in Goodness Reigns filled me with hope. I have an overwhelming desire to seek out and share stories with others, but the challenge of filmmaking is that you rarely see your audience. Sometimes you can only hope that others are watching your hard work, and, more importantly, are impacted by it. Sometimes it seems that you toil in vain. The recognition by Goodness Reigns came as a divine assurance that yes, God is using my work for good and that I should keep sowing the seeds of story.

The faith-based film world is blossoming; even here in Indiana I have met multiple Catholic groups that are creating faith-based videos. However, in my experience, these films are rarely accepted into secular film festivals, regardless of the quality. Perhaps it is prejudice, perhaps it is just ignorance of spiritual subjects on the part of these judges. My film Nightfever has only ever been screened by Catholics because the emotional impact requires an understanding of the Eucharist. Having a faith-based contest provides a space where these films can be appreciated and shared. It is also a huge encouragement to religious filmmakers like myself to continue in our vocation.

Being part of an archive of faith-based films helps me to see that I am part of a whole, that God is using this art form for His purposes and I am just one part of His overall work.

I usually work for Catholic and non-profit organizations, and my constant struggle is to provide high-quality video content for them at a cost they can afford, while maintaining and expanding my own technical capabilities. Having a cash prize helps me to invest in more resources so that I can continue improving my video content.

I truly appreciate Our Sunday Visitor’s sponsorship of the contest! Goodness Reigns provided me with hope and encouragement to continue working for the Church, and my joy is only increased to know that the recognition came through such an esteemed publisher. Through this contest, OSV has truly continued its mission “to serve the Church” and encouraged other servants to continue doing the same. Thank you!

Mark-Anthony Jimenez of Hanceville, Alabama

Winner of the People’s Choice Award

“Mercy Forward”

With 4.5k views and 130 shares (and counting) Mercy Forward on Facebook did incredibly well in a short period of time. It’s been such a blessing to see and hear people’s reactions to the film. Without this contest, I would not have gone through the trouble, and would not have had enough motivation to make a short film about the power and beauty of mercy! (And what shame that would be!)

Throughout the process of making my film, I learned so much about what it means to be a Christian filmmaker. I learned a ton about filmmaking and I learned more about the incredible need  for spiritual warfare throughout the process. I only learned those lessons and gained those experiences because of Goodness Reigns; and for that, I feel truly appreciative and incredibly blessed!

This contest really helps young filmmakers become excited about sharing the faith with others through film media. In turn, I believe it has the power to plant many seeds, even if only throughout the Catholic Church. We need more Christians living in the world, but not of the world; and I think GR inspires that! I cannot emphasize enough the need for a positive film contest like this to continue encouraging and motivating young Christians to produce God-glorifying films! The seeds that GR can plant in the young Christians that participate in their contests are the most important of all. I was 15 when I helped my buddy Nicholas Smith shoot and enter our film “The Pro” into the 2011 GR contest. That really had an impact on my confidence to keep making positive films because I realized that it was possible for young guys like us to be recognized for our work. I became free to dream!

The Catholic Church once influenced the majority of art and entertainment and it’s time to take it back! Video is the most effective way to share ideas and plant lasting seeds. The fact that these films can be viewed on the worldwide web forever is truly powerful.

In all honesty, if there had not been a cash prize, I probably would not have gone to such lengths to achieve my vision, let alone enter the contest period. It’s really important to me to be recognized financially for my craft as a filmmaker and I believe that that is also true for others as well. The cash prize is a very effective incentive. I am very thankful for the chance to upgrade some of my humble gear!

From the bottom of my heart, I am incredibly thankful that this contest exists! I know that it takes a lot to run contests like this, and it is never free. Our country, our world needs GR and it could not continue without the generous support of Our Sunday Visitor and the GR donors. Thank you for giving me a reason to dream, and helping me make that dream a reality! It is really inspiring that people care enough to invest in providing an opportunity like this to young Christian filmmakers! Thank you, and may God bless you all a hundredfold!

John Sohl of Louisville, Kentucky
“Fire and Grace”

Presenter at the 2016 WYD Film Festival

I was blown away by the Goodness Reigns Film Festival this year in Krakow, Poland. It was a joy to produce the film “Fire & Grace” and submit it in time for the festival. The time was perfect.

I lost my Grandma in April of this year, and unbeknownst to me, I had interviewed her for this exact project and was in the process of editing it together when we found out the devastating news of her pancreatic cancer. Spiritually, this hit home more than anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. This year has become the single most impactful time in my life, and I have been given a firm foundation in the work God has called me to do.

Without Goodness Reigns, I would have never found the motivation to produce the finished package that I was so blessed to present on an international stage! Now, I’m able to share that same gift with my friends and family back home for years to come.

My only thoughts for improving the contest would be in reaching out to bigger film companies and Catholic Christian apostolates throughout the country in hopes to get them to promote it in more widespread capacities. I would love to see several hundred people attend these film festivals, and just maybe—it might be beneficial to consider having a film festival outside where multiple people could see it from a distance.

Thank you again so much for this great work that is truly allowing goodness to reign in all our hearts!


Matthew Marzorati of Jackson, New Jersey

Runner-up of in the Good Samaritan in Media Category
“Proclaiming God’s Mercy”

I see a tremendous value in offering a faith-based film contest because it offers filmmaker’s an outlet to share and use their talents in helping to build up Christ’s kingdom on earth. While making this film it made me rediscover how God’s mercy works. I am honored and humbled that my film is part of a growing archive that people can learn from and share their experience with others.

I would like to say thank you to Our Sunday Visitor for giving filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their work at the WYD 2016 Film Festival.


Olivia Artigues of Starkville, Mississippi

“After the Grace of Christmas”

This whole experience has been a lot of fun. It’s really cool to have a connection to WYD through the film festival.

“Making a film was difficult—we had a borrowed camera and no experience at all. But mostly it was a blest time. We saw God working in unexpected and wonderful ways.”
- Filmmaker from India

“Besides the tremendous thrill we all experienced when we first found out we won the prize, the purchase of these cameras and light kits enabled us to do what God is calling us to: help Catholics spread the Good News.”
- Tracy Tremblay, Quiet Waters, Inc.

“The Film Contest was an excellent opportunity for artists who want to make films with special messages corresponding to the values of Jesus Christ’s life.”
– GR Winner, Filmmaker Carlos Godoy of Colombia

“Goodness Reigns was, in a way, the catalyst to re-awaken in me the passion to start using the gifts God has given me for his glory. I have the blessing of working at EWTN now, doing what I love, and have started to get involved in more faith-based media projects on the side.”
- Sam Zamarron, Production at EWTN, Alabama

“Goodness Reigns is an epic name for an epic organization! In this age of YouTubers and Vines and five-year-olds editing video, why not put young people’s visual storytelling talents to use for the Gospel, to encourage them to do more with media, and even reward them for it? I wish there were 100 Goodness Reigns contests.”
-Sr. Helena Burns, fsp, (panel judge, Daughters of St. Paul, director of www.MediaApostle.com

2 comments on “Testimonials

  1. GRDirector on said:

    “For young filmmakers with a missionary heart to be able to see their film presented at an international Catholic event is a huge encouragement in their digital evangelization.“
    Filmmaker & Film Fest Emcee Carlos Tobon

    “The prize money was an answer to prayers. Where I live in Australia, it’s not an option not to have a car. At the time, I had no money, so I let the Lord know my conundrum! … (the cost) came to the exact amount of the money that I won. …Surely Goodness does reign for those who love and serve the Lord.”
    – GR Winner, Filmmaker Amy Dwight

    “The New Evangelization is here, and the experience I now have in it all has been the stuff they write about in adventure tales. Thank you Goodness Reigns for helping me gain the confidence and experience in such an awesome profession! Praise be Jesus Christ Now and Forever! We’ll see what He has in store from here!”
    -GR Filmmaker John Sohl

    “Thanks to Goodness Reigns and its ongoing contests, there is increased incentive to refine our skills as a mission at OneBillionStories.com, in order to produce beautiful life-giving messages through film. We all have to pay our bills, so if a little competition and some prize money help inspire young people to create epic videos in order to pay those bills, then we at OneBillionStories.com say Amen! We are forever grateful for these ongoing opportunities that Goodness Reigns presents to show the world through film that the Church is here to stay.”
    -GR Winner, Filmmaker Seth J. DeMoor, Founder & President of OneBillionStories.com

    “Winning this teen film prize has had an incredible impact on the tools we offered the youth this summer during our Srodowski Media Retreats. … In total 65 youth participated in creating 10 videos which we are now posting on the Quiet Waters Youtube channel. All of these videos were created with the two cameras and lighting kits we purchased with our first installment of the prize money.
    “Besides the tremendous thrill we all experienced when we first found out we won the prize, the purchase of these items enabled us to do what God is calling us to: help Catholics spread the Good News. In this instance, we are helping our youth share positive, entertaining and simply joyful high def videos with the world! Our videos focus on certain aspects of our Catholic faith, while the youth learn about filming interviews with 3-point lighting. And, people are watching! ”
    -GR Winner and Filmmaker Tracy Tremblay, president of Quiet Waters, Inc.

    “Thank you for the generous donation of $1000 from Goodness Reigns. This amount will provide three first-time borrowers with a foundation loan, which, in our experience, enables a family to begin their steady and permanent journey out of poverty.
    -Morris Stuart, Founder of The Mutunga Partnership. His ministry received $1,000 as part of Goodness Reigns’ Good Samaritan in Media Award

  2. GRDirector on said:

    “We need opportunities to create and experiment with natural values and to reflect in today’s media some spaces where love and spirituality aren’t forgotten or rejected. [The 2013 Goodness Reigns Film Festival in Rio] was an excellent opportunity for artists who want to make films with special messages corresponding to the values of Jesus Christ’s life.”
    -Carlos Godoy of Colombia, Filmmaker & Presenter at the 2013 Goodness Reigns Filmmaker

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