General Sites

The Internet offers a wealth of resources to better know the Catholic faith and inspire one to practice it. Check out the sites below:

Visit the Vatican from home! One can read papal letters or the Vatican newspaper (“L’Osservatore Romano”), take a virtual tour of an historic chapel or search for the church’s insight on current-day issues.
Find out the latest news on the Catholic front in the United States while visiting the website for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The site provides interpretations on important church documents and teachings, resources for individuals and families,  as well as movie reviews on films hitting the box office. One also can find the New American Bible online.


Other Catholic Sites
The following sites offer information ranging from stories on the saints, Catholic personalities and musicians, as well as up-to-date commentaries on what it means to be a Catholic in today’s world.

Here are just a few to check out: – movie reviews!


Welcome to GR

Pope Benedict XVI
“New Technologies, New Relationships: Promoting a Culture of Respect, Dialogue and Friendship”

John Paul II
“Letter to Artists”

Address during 20th Anniversary of the first World Youth Day.

Welcome to GR

Online biographies of those who have inspired the creation of Goodness Reigns:

John Paul II

Pope Benedict XVI

Cardinal John Patrick Foley