2013 World Youth Day Film Festival

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Goodness Reigns                   Our Sunday Visitor

              Teatro Joao Theotonio                                               Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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July 23   “Share the Story Short Film Fest”

10 am-noon

Today’s program will highlight films from the 2013 Goodness Reigns “YOUCAT – Share the Story” Contest, and will include presentations by attending contest participants.

(Films of various lengths; English, some with subtitles)

1 pm-4 pm

(1pm-2pm) Short films from Goodness Reigns & other Catholic short film contests.

(Films of various lengths; English, some with subtitles)

July 24 (3 hours) “Making Films of Faith” (1- 4 pm)

This session will include demonstrations and short videos on how to improve filmmaking skills for sharing the Gospel online with Gabriel Castillo, filmmaking guru for the online Goodness Reigns FIlm School. Catholic filmmakers will share their tips and short films of faith, featuring Gabriel Castillo of the Goodness Reigns Film School

Other filmmakers contributing their films will include: (English, various lengths)

Craig Tubiulo of DeSales Media

July 25 “Human Dignity: Life, Love, Livelihood” (1- 4 pm)

“Human Dignity” is the topic of the next Goodness Reigns short film contest. This session will provide an introduction to church teaching on human dignity.  We will show films that illustrate this topic.

Films shown will include:

“Butterfly Circus” (English with Spanish subtitles, 23 mins)

Neri Institute “Bless the Children” (English; 22 mins)

 Short films and presentations by and for youth and young adults

July 26  “Free for Mission” (1-4 pm)

The focus of this session is finding one’s mission to “go and make disciples of all nations” in spite of one’s interior wars as well as external prejudices.


Aid to the Church in Need “A Piece of Heaven-Fazenda of Hope” (English, 27 mins)

(2:30pm-4pm) Navis Pictures “The War of Vendee” (Navis Pictures, English with Spanish subtitles, 90 mins)

GOODNESS REIGNS hosted its 2011 Film Festival during World Youth Day on August 17, 2011, in Madrid, Spain.With Mario Saint Francis as emcee, winning filmmakers presented their work to an international audience in Madrid’s La Paz Theater.

Visit the link below to meet some of those who participated!

Goodness Reigns 2011 Film Festival in Madrid, Spain

WYD Pilgrims stand outside La Paz Theater. With a packed theater, many pilgrims were turned away.

Views inside the theater where filmmakers introduced their films to the audience.

Goodness Reigns filmmakers gather outside the theater at the end of the film festival. The Diocese of Madison, WI, brought 10 from its diocese to World Youth Day.