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August 3rd in World Youth Day by .

WYD – Day 5 – Part 1 – Morning Catechesis: A Reason for Hope

“The invisible things drive us-friendship, love, forgiveness,” Cardinal Timothy Dolan explained. “You and I, to the mockery of the world, place our trust in who (God) we can’t see.”

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With no other morning sessions for showing films we ventured out to the morning Catechetical session in English held at Vivo Rio. These sessions  always contain lively music and sessions with archbishops and cardinals speaking on important topics, as well as Q & A sessions afterwards.

dolanToday, the featured presenter was Cardinal Timothy Dolan, president of the US Catholic Bishops and currently Archbishop of New York.

At times the current climate toward Christianity, specifically Catholicism, can be a challenge to the faithful trying to profess belief and life in Jesus Christ. During his address on faith and hope in the Vivo Rio Center during World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, president of the US Council of Catholic Bishops, fortified and challenged pilgrims.

“The invisible things drive us-friendship, love, a drive for happiness,” he explained.  “You and I, to the mockery of the world, place our trust in who (God) we can’t see.”

God is not “scientifically verifiable.”

Recalling an observation by his friend, Cardinal George Francis of the Chicago Archdiocese, he shared that the Roman Empire, once thought to be invincible, eventually crumbled. Yet, the successor to Peter, Pope Francis, would be welcomed by youth the next night. “God will triumph; it takes time but God always triumphs so never lose hope.”

Cardinal Dolan pointed to “enemies of hope” to avoid.


We struggle with our imperfections, which may cause us to sin. Understanding this, a drug addict can be his or her “own worse enemy.”  “Sobriety can only come when we place our hope in something else (God).

2—Other People

“It’s good to trust people but only in Jesus Christ can our hope be satisfied.”

3—World Around Us

“Tragedy, suffering, injury—the world mocks our hope and faith but recall that Jesus protects his church so that “the gates of hell shall not prevail.”


We are impatient people! Sometimes our requests aren’t fulfilled until heaven. “God takes his time; we are impatient people. … We like the microwave while God prefers the crockpot–but the food is always better.”

Cardinal Dolan finished by reminding the pilgrims,“God brings together all things for those who love and trust him.”

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